Welcome to COMPASS

The COMPASS consortium is unique in its integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of the geodynamic, lithospheric, tectonic and sedimentary processes that control basin formation and the genesis of petroleum systems on rifted continental margins. COMPASS explicitly links research methods across a wide range of scales, from tectonic plates via margins and basins, to individual stratal architectures and reservoirs with the aim to improve our understanding and therefore prediction of petroleum systems in rift basins and on continental margins.

Research and development is focussed on interlocking multi-scale simulation methods through integration of plate kinematics, computational geodynamics, tectonic physical simulations, stratigraphic forward modelling, seismic interpretation and analogue field studies. All these methods are applied to case studies of rift basins and passive margin sedimentary basins, specifically the South Atlantic conjugate margins. The COMPASS consortium is fully integrated in the internationally established Petroleum Geoscience research group and MSc petroleum geosciences teaching programmes.


Department of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London